Specialist in quality control in Thailand

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For  each  buyer  it  is  important of receiving the  right  quality  jewelry  on  time. We provide you the  service for it.
  We  can  provide  you  the concept up to the detailed design  ready  for  the model marker to process
We make models according to your requirement
ready for muliple production
We provide  gemstone  cutting  service.There are  over 100  different cuts to  choose.
  In the past 8 year we design many websites for companies in the gems and jewelry industry.
Silver Master for sale.
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We list top quality stones in single, calibrated & fancy at the moments
Our Products sell out from Factory.
 If you like Silver Jewelry
 in Ethnic Style, Please visit  here
  Fashion & Health tip with MayaK

We offer over 76 new colors of Ferido glue.
Jewelry Manufacture Processing, Jewelry
Setting, Art Jewelry, Ethnic Jewelry, Brand Jewelry...
  Actually the world of gemstones is a bright one and we are proud to be a part of it.
We guide you trough the world of gem cutting. Our platform shows over 1000 different cutting styles...
We have only listed some specimen in our web. Should you look for some special specimen...
  What you want to know about Diamond, We've prepare it for you here...
Brand watches collection. Listing of over 60 brand watches with many details of each series, models...