Consulting for jewelry production and control
    Because we are independant company working in the gems & jewelry industry, we look at production with different eyes. We are not company blind.This is our great advantage in our service as consultant.
A good and consistent production require a good understanding of the production and working environment including correct plaining, set-up, control and QC.We can help to solve bottlenecks and possible production problems do to work with many different plants. Over the years we prepare many production manuals including implementing and training of staff.

Our strength in planning is :
    Production planning and forecast
    The best production setup for the ongoing and new production requirement
    Implementing of control systems
    Production flow
    Implement of QC (Quality control) systems

Our strength in training is :
    To find the important production areas and points which need special attention?
    To select and train the best suitable support team
    To train the staff to the right quality and production system
    To train the worker, that they understand the required quality for each customer.
The correct production helps you to produce on time and save production cost.

For further detail:
Wolfgang Kogler