D4UWEB QC provides cost effective quality control and sourcing (raw material and factories) with the objective to achieve the highest quality for the right price.
We source for you the right factory which has the capacity and is specializes for this type of product and production.

D4UWEB Supplier Intentification. We survey your potential new vendor on site and provide you with a report which include and evaluate all production areas including management of the capability and performance for your product and production to your specific needs.

D4UWEB Product Manuals we provide the customer for approval and the factory for production with detailed product and quality details manuals to eliminate misunderstandings. It save time and reduced cost in production.

D4UWEB Product specification we work with the factory management on the new product specifications and inform and train department heads for the product specification.

D4UWEB QC Monitoring Report It shows you the insight and progress on you open orders. And it helps to identify product problems at an early stage and help to eliminate the causes and ensuring the highest possible quality on your product.

D4UWEB Product approval and Lapel we affix signed lapels for security on the approved product with the information you need for easy handling of products oversee.

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