There are now risk, purchasing goods on-line.All goods on our web-platform are carefully checked and descriped trough our in house gemologists. With our many years experience in this field, our intention to give you the best possible information and best product for the asking price.

The information we provide you :
  •  Sample box from online catalog for stone
  •  Sample box from online catalog for finished product
  For our order and communication process, we made three sets of color stone boxes :
  •  Ruby
  •  Sapphire
  •  Semi precious color stone
  In this color stone boxes are all major color represented.
For Ruby and Sapphire is a combination of color and quality, for the semi-precious color only, (we use best quality only).
  Quality guarantees for merchandise displayed on the web  
  •  Merchandise as described
  •  Very strict in house QC (one of the strictest on the local market)
  •  Quality carefully described to international trading standards
  •  Photos are taken with digital camera (show closed color image)
  •  Return policies for most of the merchandise within 14 days
  •  Replacement of product to your satisfaction within 30 days
  •  Our international geomologists take care of the sorting of goods  and  trading section
  •  Gemstone ID certificates for precious stone over 2 carat on  request   (AIGS, GIA).
  •  We insure goods shipped to you on request
     If you are a regular color stone buyer, you should get the color stone boxes, which are on sale, please go to our help page for further information. Any purchase order is confirmed by e-mail When goods are shipped, we fax you the shipping documents and invoice. So you are able to know the exact date of goods to arrive
What we cannot due :
  • Show beauty (life of fire, brilliancy cannot be duplicated by a camera), lifeless image of the stone,
  • Pay your shipping and insurance cost
  The photos of displayed merchandise, are taken with a good digital camera, you can view the image, closed to the actual beauty of the gemstone.  
  Most of the colored stone used in the jewelry industry are treated (enhanced), before cutting.
All merchandise listed in our catalog is available, except for products selected and added from another customer to the shopping chart, until is approved. Selected and approved products ready for shipment stated in our catalog as sold.
  Should you not be satisfied, you may return the merchandise for a full refund, excluding shipping and handling charges.More detail in our section return policy.  

Products that are offered via E-Auction are subject to the condition, of each provider as stated in their trading rules and regulation.  You may purchase some of our products via E-Auctions, please follow the instruction from the E-Auction service used.  There are no returns of merchandise purchased via E-Auction.

The team D4U WEB is more than happy to answer any questions, and take suggestions to our company policies.

TEL: 662-237- 6815 OR 662-237-6816    FAX: 662-353-1151

                                                                                                                                       The Team: D4U WEB