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February 2002


    D4U WEB The Gem & Jewellery Consultants

     D4U WEB is a 13 year old consulting, marketing, service and information centre for
the gem and jewellery industry in Thailand. The company uses the latest IT technology to
bring its jewellery and watch concepts to the industry.
     The company has tailored its services to especially suit and support production, as well as help in marketing. It undertakes activities like preparing detailed manuals, training middle management staff and implement control systems.

to medium size company to buy rather than manufacture it in horse. International customers are getting more and more conscious of quality control and the requirements in this area are increasing with every passing year. Four years   ago, D4U WEB started offering its clients   quality control services on finished and semi finished products. Thanks to its extensive experience , well trained staff and ready infrastructure in this field, the company can manage quality control for gems and jewellery to the strictest and tightest tolerances using the   finest tolls made for the purpose.
     Based on its experiences with helping to set up  production plants over the past thirteen years, the company has put all this information into basic manuals, which it uses to set up production or   solve problems, correct mistakes in the set up and control existing operations. One of the first areas   of priority that D4U WEB checks for its clients is productivity for improvement or changes in the production flow chart. In short, whatever your requirement, D4U WEB is sure to have the perfect solution designed specially for you.
D4U WEB 's most popular services include design concept, master model making, gemstone cutting (more than 1000 special cuts), quality control services, and consulting for jewellery production and control. As far as model making goes, D4U WEB has a wide selection of master models ready for immediate delivery and is also willing to produce them according to the customer's demand at prices that would make it more profitable for a small
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